Wednesday, January 21, 2009

First days in Paris

Where do I begin.....Paris is beautiful. But, I haven't gotten to see as much of it yet as I thought I we've had to be in orientation all day everyday since we have been here...and we're all still a bit jet lagged. 

Here's the basics though....I am living in an apartment in the 12th arrondissement with 5 lovely ladies from Connecticut, New York, Michigan, Scranton, and North Jersey. Their names are Liz, Elysha, Lauren, Jessie, and Molly. Our apartment is pretty big....but the floors are literally deteriorating (which has been more funny than irritating to be honest) and we're missing little items that make living slightly easier--like hooks for towels and all those sorts of little things we still need to get. 

My school is GREAT! It's right in the Marais, which is full of things to do and beautiful. I'm around the corner from Centre Pompidou, and in a small narrow street that is across from The Museum of Jewish Art.....its a beautiful building with a huge courtyard type area. But as for my neighborhood, it is very residential--but there are lots of great cafes, brasseries, and other random shops. There is a supermarche, pharmacie,  and a laverie right around the corner--so getting things done is rather simple. The metro is a great way to travel I have found--not hard at all.....getting to school requires 1 little transfer, and its so easy to navigate. Today my roommates and I committed to only speaking French--which went relatively well!!

Went on a bus tour the other day--good way to figure out where I want to go back to actually see things! No great pictures yet....but they will come soon!