Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Finally the internet is back in my apartment....that was rough. 

Any hoot....went to Rome last weekend. It was definitely great to see the amazing architecture, rich history, eat some yummy pizza/pasta, and quote Dan Brown's "Angels and Demons" everywhere I went......however I am not the biggest Roma fan....and I much prefer Paris. Can't really put into words....just the feeling of the city didn't mesh that well with me........it could also just be that the place where my friends and I stayed was pretty bad (yikes) and that put a minor damper on things.

Anyway.......the Vatican is one of the most amazing things I have ever seen. Who knew the Catholic Church had such amazing art? Well...they do. Lots of pagan stuff.....pretty interesting. My favorite parts of my trip were, as mentioned, the Vatican....but also the tour I went on of the Colloseum/Palentine Hill, and then my little journey into the basilica Santa Maria Maggiore. My tourguides for Colosseum/Palentine Hill were phenomenal and it was SO interesting and informative. Fun facts: Women and "midgets" (thats what they said...errrr....) fought inside the colosseum. Also, it gladiators were originally criminals but they gained such popularity that free men started volunteering for a little spotlight. How cool? Other fun facts: the word palace comes from "Palentine Hill" and Romulus and Remus, the brothers who fought to found Rome (Im sure you can guess who won) were given up by their mother, a member of a cult of virgins (this clearly posed a problem) and taken in by a prostitute. Cool stuff, eh? Anyways, Santa Maria Maggiore was really breathtaking.....I ate amazing pizza and pasta.....and the weather was lovely. 

So happy to be back in Paris....its been non-stop travel. Heading to Prague in 2 weeks. Home in 4 and can't WAIT to see my friends, family, and dog...Dexter. I miss Dexter most of all. 

Peace and love. Enjoy the pics. 

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