Thursday, May 14, 2009

La Fin

Today was my last day of classes and finals for my junior year. Weird........

CEA is over, but I am still in Paris for another 10ish days. It was a great semester, and I am happy to have a little time left here. Tuesday night our program took us to the Mosquee de Paris and we had a big Moroccan meal of cous cous and delish. Afterwards I went out with a bunch of friends to St Germain de Pres and we went to this little bar called Chez George. They broke into all this Jewish music and it was hilarious....we were literally singing havah nagilah (SPELL CHECK!?) in a bar.....what has my life become??????? But yes, it was good fun. After we went to another cute place that has mojitos with fresh strawberries in them (yummy) and then called it a night. 2 guys I went to high school with, Todd and Zach, who were studying abroad and London but are not backpacking crashed on my couch....and it was fun to see them. Also....and this is pretty roommate Liz and I went and saw Angels and Demons at Bercy Village Movie Theatre last night (2 days before the US opening...hah hah) and it was 3euro movie week! Who knew! Such a great treat...

Please watch this video just to see what happens to my friend Jessie Sandler in the last 2 seconds. Thank you and good night. 

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