Monday, May 11, 2009


This past weekend I went to Prague with my roommate Liz. This trip goes in my list of top 3 favorites....and I would love to go back to Prague one day...SUCH a great city. We got in late on Thursday night, and I was apprehensive about staying in a hostel after the night-so-wonderful experience in Roma. However, we were pleasantly surprised. For anyone reading this who is studying in Europe in the future...go to Prague and stay at Hostel One! It was GREAT! It was the epitome of a backpackers environment....everyone was from all over the world...they were all friendly, they were all looking to make friends and go out and party....and the place was run by a really fun, young staff. Our room was basically like a hotel suite....and it made the stay so much nicer. 

We got up early on Friday and headed over to Bohemia Bagel for breakfast. This is a place frequented by it was founded by an ex-pat and offers up some great bagels and other breakfast faves. It was so nice to even have a bagel....I forgot what hey had tasted like! After Bohemia Bagel we explored the Old Town Square, and went to the tower above the famous Astronomical Clock and got a great view of the city. After this we walked (the city is tiny so we walked absolutely everywhere) to the National Gallery, and saw some really beautiful Czech art (a lot of religious work and iconography) . Thennnnnn we went to Josefov (old jewish ghetto) and took a tour of all the synagogues, saw a ceremonial hall, and went to the cemetery where for many years Czech Jews were forced to bury their dead. It was amazing at how much history is in Prague....everything was dating back 1,000 years-it was, as I have had several this semester, another reminder at how young the United States is. 

On Saturday we walked along the Charles Bridge and (after eating at Bohemia Bagel yet again) went to the Old Palace and hung out in the palace area. It was really beautiful and we saw some cathedrals and other interesting buildings and museums. After our day spent in the palace we decided to try some traditional Czech food. shall I put I had sirloin in "czech sauce" with bread dumplings (they weighed 50 lbs each) and cranberry sauce. It was sort of like Thanksiving dinner...Czech style....on steroids. That is the only way I can explain it. We also each had a "pint" of beer....which was clearly larger than a pint. I don't think I need to try Czezh cuisine again any time soon...but I am glad I experienced it! After we took a nice walk, saw the John Lennon Peace-Wall, and then went back to our hostel to get ready for the evening...

Later Saturday we met up with two of Liz's tri delta sisters from Pitt who are studying abroad in Prague (it was nice to see Pitt people!) and they took us out for the night. It was really fun...and the nightlife is crazy! We went to a five-story club by Charles Bridge and danced until 5AM...and then got back to our lovely hostel and spent another hour hanging out with fellow travelers. Woke up only a few hours later to check out of the hostel...feeling tired and ready to head back to Paris....and then spent Sunday morning/afternoon with 2 of our hostel friends in Wenceslas Square drinking coffee and hanging out-we didn't have any energy to do much else! 

It was a great weekend, and as usual-I am very happy to be back in Paris. I'm getting a little nostalgic thinking that I have to leave here in 2 weeks....but it is truly bittersweet. I will miss everything about this place, and I am so grateful to have had this experience. For any friends of my parents (or other adults) reading this who have kids in college....if theyre not interested, MAKE them interested in studying abroad. All my friends who have done this agree....its unexplainable and life changing in the best way possible. 

2 weeks left...and planning to soak it up. You can catch me in Philadelphia May 24th, or in Pittsburgh in June. Peace and Love until next time. 

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