Monday, May 18, 2009

my last week

This last week is full of interesting my friends and I are trying to jam pack anything we had not yet checked off our "to-do" list into 7 days. The weekend started with saying goodbyes to friends who are already home in les Etas Unis...quite sad. My roommates and I had dinner at a cafe we enjoy and then chocolate/fruit fondue at Paradis de Fruit with our friend Will. My roommate Liz and I went to Palais Garnier and saw a ballet, which was great....such a beautiful building. Before the first group of people started to depart we went out one last time to a nightclub called Madam....and now my week of museum-going alone begins. Most of my friends are on the Sorbonne program (which runs until the 30th) so I am the only one without class all week. Lucky me :) 

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