Sunday, March 1, 2009

I'm 21

Bonjour et bonjour

Lots to share on this post......this past week went by very quickly. I came back from Belfast and then jumped right back into my classes and life here. Earlier in the week I met and had lunch with Audrey, a friend of my uncles. She is lovely....and we had a really good lunch! It's nice to communicate more and more with Parisians......I get pretty used to my bubble of American students sometimes. 

This weekend was also the most beautiful, WARM weekend I have had yet! Paris looked gorgeous...and my roommate Elysha and I walked around the latin quarter and sat in Luxembourg Gardens for awhile. It is SO ridiculously picturesque there, and I am going to go back on a Saturday morning and sketch. I also decided I want to be 5 years old again, so I can buy a boat and race it in the fountain area with the other adorable children. 

And.......I turned 21 this weekend! The novelty of being able to drink had already worn off a bit, but hey...why not have a reason to celebrate??? It was a very fun time. My friends and I went to dinner at this great Cuban restaurant (out of this world tapas and paella first official legal drink being a mojito) and then later went to a fun bar we like, Iguana, in the Bastille. Every weekend we seem to end up in the's just so fun and lively, there is always something to do, and I think it lacks a lot of the pretension that so many clubs and bars have in other areas. I will leave it at that.......but yes, I had a very fun birthday! I'm pretty exhausted and need a few days worth of recovery...

Stay tuned. Peace and love.

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