Monday, March 16, 2009

Mom came to Paris....

So....Wednesday-Sunday Hilary Bayer came to Paris to visit me. It was SO nice to see her (I know she is reading this--but seriously--it was) and I played tourguide and showed her around the city. 

We did the Latin Quarter, Musee d'Orsay, the Marais/Pompidou, walked from the Champs Elysees to the Tour Eiffel, went to Fauchon and had a great little pastry, did a little shopping (very little-we were well behaved).....and ate some really great food. Speaking of, we went to Brasserie Bofinger (at the suggestion of my Uncle) which was really a great dinner, and the brasserie is really pretty--we sat under their art-nouveau stained glass dome....and had a great time. Near the end of our meal 3 men sat down at the table next to us, one of them being JEAN PAUL GAUTIER! We were trying pretty hard to not freak out--but it was so cool. Fashion Week had just he obviously had just come from one of the last shows. It was really cool. We sat so close I could have touched him had I extended my arm out. So, yeah, my Mom and I had dessert with Jean Paul Gautier.......kind of. 

Unfortunately Saturday morning I woke up really sick with a Hil girl was on her own and we didn't get to go up to Montmartre. However....this ended up being great--because she explored Rue Mouffetard on her own and had a really great day. I met up with her later--and she clearly did well on her own, not being able to speak any French and everything. I guess its pretty helpful that about everyone here speaks English in addition to French.....

So, I was sad to see my Mom go--but happy that she came. I'm gearing up for tests, papers, powerpoint presentations, and midterms over the next 2 weeks-so this post will have to hold you over for awhile. I sad. 

peace and love.


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