Wednesday, March 25, 2009

International Fun & Sight Seeking & Seeing

Bonjour a tous.....

Lots to update on. A few days ago my roommate Liz and I decided to take advantage of this great city that we live after class we walked around the Tuileries (really pretty garden area across from the Louvre) and went to Musee l'Orangerie-saw Monet water lillies and other art as well. Then we walked towards Opera Garnier (which we will be going to in May to see a ballet! Very excited about that...) and along the way I stopped and bought some really amazing chocolates. 

Last weekend however, I went with a large group of people on my program to Strasbourg (France). It was literally out of Disney's Beauty & The Beast. Very quaint....very German (obviously....its been German proper several times...Franco/Prussian War, etc) and overall it was cool to see. We did a walking tour with our amazing tour guide, Pierre-Jean. We started talking about dogs...and he has a pug named Prozac. That may sum up the experience. Anyway, as most cities in France have one...we saw the Notre Dame de Strasbourg. It houses a giant clock that, and forgive me because I was not paying attention to the tourguide at this part, is somehow connected to Easter....and the solar system....or something. Not sure--but it was very impressive! At night we went to this very Alsacian restaurant called Le Gruber and had wine, tarte flambe, chicken with German style noodle french frie things, and creme brule. Everyone had the same meal, provided by was pretty nice! Then we called it a night at our hostel, Ciarus....which was also very nice, except that the beds looked like a jungle gym or McDonalds play place. That is the only way to properly describe it. 

Sunday morning we woke and got back on the bus....and went to Germany! Strasbourg is on the border basically, so it was less than a 2 hour drive. We started in Schwartzwald (I am probably spelling this incorrectly) or, the Black Forrest....and spent some time at the Titisee Lake. Everyone had fun with that name...we're a mature group. It was very storybook-esque, and I really felt like I was in Germany...even though we were extremely close to the French border. We got a very German lunch....and went to a coo-coo clock shop....and I may have bought one for myself! Hope my roommates next year do not mind.....

After the Lake we went to a small town called Freiburg. Nothing to report. It is REALLY small and wasn't really worth going to. Although, I did have a rather delicious ice cream sundae. Right......

After this we went back to France, just south of Strasbourg to a city called Colmar. We went to the Paul Beuscher winery and sampled some Alsacian wine--that was cool. It was especially interesting since I am taking this Oenology course....and as we were being told the process of making their sparkling wine....I really understood what he was saying! It was great. 

This week has been a continuation of midterms and boring-ness. However, last night my roommates Liz and Elysha and I decided to blow off some steam (you know...our lives are just very stressful here in Paris) so we met up with friends at this nightclub called Le Duplex. It is located right off the Champs Elysees....literally next to the Arc de Triomphe. It was SO fun...and we actually ran into a French friend, who has other french friends, so we met lots of people. Good times. There are two different sides to the club, and one is the Salsa/Latin side....spent a lot of time funny. 

I'm off to class for the day. Hope everyone is well. I think about everyone/Pitt/home all the time....and leaving Paris is going to be so bittersweet. I don't want to leave....but I am excited to come back and see everyone! If any Chi Omegas are reading this: GOOD LUCK at Greek Sing Friday! I know we'll win! Kick those ZBT boys into shape if need my parents: Skype session later this week? Great. Grand. 

Peace and love! BISOUS! 

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