Monday, March 30, 2009

Hola Paris

This past weekend my friend Susan, who is studying in Barcelona, came to Paris and visited me! It was great to see her, especially since I visited her in Barcelona several weeks ago and it was nice for her to be in my city this time around. We did some of the usual touristy things, except that for my Oenology class I had to go...and thus she came the Salon de Vignerons de Paris. This is a yearly event at a convention centre where vinyards from every region of France come into Paris for 4 days and the public pays 5Euro to come in, walk around, taste whatever they want....and then hopefully buy. It was quite a sight to see. People came in with literally wheely suitcases, searching for their favorite vinnificateur from Bourgogne who makes the worlds BEST...obviously. People were clearly hoarding up for was out of control. It was also a great way for me to practice my French....and learn some more about wine. I talked to about five or 6 different booths, and especially enjoyed 2 of them. I met a younger guy who invited me to come grape pick over the summer (I respectfully declined....but that would have been cool) and a woman who bought her vinyard off of her father and now runs it....pretty rare in the wine industry. 

After the wine expo I took Susan to do some more touristy things....and then we did some local food shopping by me. Again, this is my favorite activity....stopped by my local poissonerie and got fish from my two favorite men there.....went to this little frommagerie owned by the cutest elderly couple some wine.....and then made dinner in my apartment. The night after we went out to dinner with 2 of my roommates to Brasserie Balzar in the Latin Quarter....really good food, and hilarious service. I think my hand was kissed 5 times....why not? 

In the evening we decided that we needed to see the Pitt/Nova game at a bar. We had watched the Pitt/Xavier game live on my computer....but decided to be a bit more social this time around. So, a bunch of us went to "The Great Canadian Bar" in the latin quarter and watched the game with many other eager Americans. Since we lost...I will leave it at that. Sad day...but Hail to Pitt anyway! 

Thats all for now....going to Amsterdam Friday morning so stay tuned. 

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